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    Zhejiang Business College (ZJBC) is a time-honored institution. It has developed from its predecessor Hangzhou Secondary Commercial School, which was founded in 1911. Embracing its school motto of “Honesty, tenacity, diligence and simplicity” and adhering to the guide-line principle of “nurturing talents and serving society”, ZJBC has, over the past one hundred years or so, turned out a multitude of professionals, among whom are such celebrities as Mr. Luo Gengmo the economist and Mr. Zhang Naiqi the patriot. For its remarkable achievements in education, the college has been crowned “the talent-nurturing cradle for the business arena of Zhejiang Province”.
    ZJBC consists of two campuses. The main campus is located at Binjiang Higher Education Park on the outskirts of Hangzhou city, and the other, smaller in space, lies in the downtown area. With the two campuses put together, ZJBC covers an area of 592 mu (39.5 hectares), with a floor space of nearly 240,000 square meters. The college library has a collection of over 880,000 books and over 26 TB electronic books. ZJBC is made up of eight schools: School of Economics and Trade, School of Information Technology, School of Accounting and Finance, School of Tourism and Culinary Arts, School of Applied Engineering, School of Art and Design, School of Foreign Languages and School of Humanities. The college has been so far running 34 specialties, of which two are funded by central government financing, another two are provincial key specialties, and still another two are provincial competitive specialties. In addition, eight are provincial feature specialties, and four are provincial demonstrative specialties. Of all the courses that it provides, there are 6 national quality courses and 23 provincial quality courses. The college also has 3 training bases that are funded by central government financing, 3 provincial demonstrative training bases, and 2 provincial intangible cultural heritage inheritance teaching bases. Among many other honors, it has been awarded a second place in education achievements appraisal at the national level, 2 first prizes and 2 second places in education achievements appraisal at the provincial level.
    The college is well-staffed with 439 full-time teachers, of whom 34 are holders of a senior professional title, 130 have an assistant senior professional title. Most of the teachers have received a good education in relevant areas, more than 280 of them having acquired a master’s degree or above, and over 80% being in possession of a teacher’s dual–qualification certificate. The college also boasts a competent teaching staff. There are 1 national teaching team and 3 provincial teaching teams. Some individual teachers have also stood out for their excellent work and have been awarded various honors and titles by authorities at different levels. Apart from other strengths, the competent teaching staff has attracted middle-school leavers across the province and the country as well. At present, the number of full-time students amounts to more than 10,400.
    Thanks to its ever-improving performance, the college’s reputation and influence are also growing steadily. The graduating students’ employment rate has hit 97% for 7 consecutive years. The employers’ degree of satisfaction with the college’s students stands at over 95%. The college has thus won for itself many an honor. To name a few, it has been awarded Civil Unit of Zhejiang Province, A Demonstrative Higher Education Institution of Zhejiang Province, Advanced Educational Unit in Zhejiang Province, and Excellent Institution in Talent Cultivation among Advanced Vocational Colleges.